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What We Do

Our aim is simple, to provide art activities and arts opportunities for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, in schools and through community settings.

We devise and undertake major events and installations, working collaboratively and in partnership with other voluntary and community groups, as well as statutory organisations. We engage with the public throughout the region and beyond.

The work that we do allows us to provide a source of employment for local artists, mentoring and training opportunities for volunteers and develop the talents of young artists wishing to gain experience in the field of the Arts.

How It Works

Professional artist, Jane Crawford, founded daisy Arts in 2003.  We are a not-for-profit organisation with three directors and a support team.

We are funded by a number of grant making trusts that help us provide the work that we do.

Here at Daisy Arts we:

  • Encourage, promote and provide artistic and creative activities for people for all.

  • Work to help promote, encourage and produce new, as well as existing, local talent working professionally within the Arts.

Daisy Arts is aware of the positive effects the Arts can have on communities.

We are committed to our locality and those within it.

Get in Touch

Hopefully everything you need to know is included on our website but if you require further information please get in touch.

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Our Funders & Partners

Working in partnership with community and statutory bodies Daisy Arts is committed to bringing innovative arts programmes.